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Giving a Voice to the Injured

Virginia Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident? Call (571) 290-2390 Today for Caring Legal Help.

Sadly, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but that does not mean they are not preventable. In fact, many people slip and fall because of the negligent actions of another, such as failing to warn of a slippery wet floor or failing to fix dangerously uneven sidewalks. While it may seem like these would only result in minor bruises, for some individuals, especially senior citizens, slips, trips, and falls can lead to great injury. Broken bones, orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries have been the unfortunate results of such accidents.

If you were seriously injured after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, state law allows you to file a claim to attempt to recover compensation. You should not have to pay out of your own pocket because a property manager/owner endangered you.

The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you throughout the claims process, fighting against the at-fault party should they try to dispute your claim. We will even bring your case to trial if needed, as we have for more than 100 clients. Sustaining an injury because of another can be traumatizing; our legal team understands this. That is why we offer compassionate legal counsel to each of our clients at every single step of the way.

Call (571) 290-2390 to schedule an appointment with a slip and fall injury attorney in Virginia.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Claim?

Although slip and fall injury claims make up the bulk of premise liability cases, claimants are likely to be hard-pressed to establish negligence and recover the maximum amount of compensation to which they are legally entitled. The at-fault party is likely to claim that they did not know of the hazard, did warn of the hazard, or something of that nature. Fortunately, a lawyer will help you stand up against these parties. As legal professionals, they are well-versed in tactics that the defense is likely to use against you.

In addition, a lawyer will assist you in gathering evidence and even speak to witnesses to get a clearer picture of the accident, which can greatly strengthen your claim. The more evidence you have on your side, the better your chances are at recovery.

Therefore, while it is definitely possible to represent yourself in a claim, a legal professional can make the entire process easier by applying their legal skill and knowledge to your case. This allows you to focus on healing instead of any bureaucratic red tape.

Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

Estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that millions of people over the age of 65 fall every year in the United States. This should not be taken to mean that younger populations do not fall; older people are just at a higher risk. In total, the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reports that more than 8 million people visit the emergency room (ER) for fall injuries, constituting the majority of ER visits. Slip and falls, in particular, account for more than a million of these visits.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls

Sometimes, these falls happen as a result of difficulties with balance or walking, vision issues, or other factors that are nobody’s fault. Other times, they occur because of the following preventable factors, including but not limited to:

  • Floors, entrances, or pathways slippery from rain or snow
  • Recently mopped, slippery areas
  • Uneven sidewalks or roads
  • Broken tiled floors
  • Loose or uneven carpeting
  • Loose or precariously built stairways
  • Inadequately lit passageways

Pursuing a Slip and Fall Case in Virginia

As long as your injury was sustained during a slip and fall accident while you were lawfully on another party’s property, Virginia law considers you eligible to file a liability claim. Lawful guests include:

  • Invitees: Store customers, diners at a restaurant, park visitors, and anyone else invited onto the property by the property manager or owner are classified as invitees.
  • Licensees: Social guests, family, friends, and people who have implied permission to be on the property are considered licensees. Contracted workers — like window washers, house cleaners, etc. — also fall into this category.

Establishing Fault and Recovering Damages

In order to win your slip and fall injury claim, you must prove that the property owner or whoever is legally in charge of the property on which you were injured either knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused the accident. You will also have to establish that they were negligent in addressing that hazard or that they failed to warn you of its presence.

Should you bring your claim to a favorable outcome, damages will be paid to you based on the severity of your injury and the effect it has had on your day-to-day life. For these claims, compensatory damages tend to include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Mental distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list.

Hire a Compassionate, Award-Winning Attorney Team

The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC has more than 75 years of experience in handling these claims and is recognized by the National Trial Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, among others. After an accident, we know injured individuals are likely to have myriad questions concerning the claims process and their legal rights. In a free consultation, our slip and fall attorneys will discuss these matters with you. Out bilingual team has a hands-on approach to cases, ensuring to always center the claim around the client.

Fill out an online contact form to get in touch with our lawyers about your slip and fall case. We accept cases in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

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