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Burn Injury Attorneys in Virginia

We Can Help You Fight for Compensation After a Bad Accident

If you’re not big on making your own food, you may think your risks of being burned are fairly low—after all, cooking equipment is the largest cause of house fires and the resulting burn injuries. However, we all live near burn hazards, many that we don’t often think of. By the time we notice them, it’s often too late.

Severe burns are among the most hazardous type of injury one can face. The recovery process often involves intense treatment, surgery, and lengthy rehabilitation. Even with the best medical attention, burn wounds can cause permanent scarring and a decreased range of motion.

If an accident caused by someone else resulted in bad burn injuries to you or someone you love, you may be able to receive compensation to help you with medical bills, lost wages, and non-economic damages. Contact our attorneys to learn what your legal options are, no matter the type of accident.

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Classifying Burn Injuries by Type and Severity

When talking about burn injuries, most of us think of what happens when you accidentally touch a hot pan or put your hand too close to a flame. In fact, burn injuries are much more diverse. There are many different causes; the class is defined by the effects. A burn is any injury that permanently destroys skin (or other) cells through an energy transfer. Burn injuries may be:

  • Thermal, or related to heat. Thermal burns are further categorized into contact burns, scald burns, and fire burns.
  • Electrical, or caused by a current running through the body.
  • Chemical, inflicted by substances that are much more acidic/alkali than our bodies or otherwise toxic.
  • Radiation-based, caused by high-energy rays including X-rays, UV rays, nuclear decay, and more.

A burn injury’s severity therefore depends on its type as well as the amount of your body it covers, the parts of your body it has affected, and how deep the tissue destruction goes.

Causes of Burn Accidents

Considering the four types of burns laid out above, it’s clear there are many elements beyond hot surfaces that can cause burns. Here are some situations that can lead to devastating injuries.

Car Accidents

Most of our cars run on gas, and the rest are powered by high-voltage battery cells. Either of these can become a fire risk in the case of a collision. Because car accidents often cause other serious injuries, a victim may have trouble moving out of danger.

Workplace Hazardous Exposure

Many workers in industrial jobs use strong chemicals and may not have enough protective equipment to keep them safe in case of an accident. Unsafe practices set by a factory or warehouse manager/owner can endanger many—and make an employer liable for any injuries that occur as a result.

Structure Fires

House fires can be caused by malfunctioning appliances, an electrician’s miscalculation, or even a battery-powered children’s toy. In industrial workplaces, where bigger machinery and flammable chemicals and materials are common, one spark can cause a flareup—or even an explosion.


Though more common on construction sites than in other workplaces, anywhere employees can come into contact with power lines or open circuits poses a heavy risk.

Finding Financial Support After a Burn Injury

If someone else’s negligence or poor choices were the cause of your burn injury, you may have a legal remedy. Suing for compensation can help you recover funds for:

  • Quality treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Missed work
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Pain & suffering

Burn injuries can be life-changing, but we’re here to help you reduce their impact. Even if you’re not sure you have a case, ask us for a free consultation. We can clarify your legal rights and give our professional advice on your next steps.

Call our burn injury attorneys at (571) 290-2390 for your free consultation.

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