Case Results

At The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC., our primary goal is to provide a client-centered, hands-on, approach that will be available to them day or night. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients and can help you recover what you have lost. Look through some of our most recent victories and contact us today to begin reviewing your case with our experienced firm. We proudly speak English & Spanish.
  • $6,050,000
    Scaffold Injury

    $6,050,000 in benefits for a mason who was injured in a scaffold collapse. During the fall, the worker struck their neck, breaking it. The result was near total paralysis.

  • $3,418,000
    Catastrophic Injury

    A 20-year-old was electrocuted when a metal gutter he was carrying came into contact with a live power line. His foot was exploded below the knee, he suffered burns to 50% of his body, and his heart stopped for more than 10 minutes. Two years into the case, we were able to settle the matter for $3,418,000.00.

  • $3,000,000
    Brain Injury

    Our attorney, Daniel Barrera, singlehandedly secured a $3 million workers’ compensation settlement on behalf of our client, a Virginia employee who sustained a debilitating brain injury in an occupational setting. This is the 6th case where Attorney Barrera has recovered over $1 million for a client.

  • $2,555,000
    Leg Injury

    $2,555,000 for a young concrete worker who broke their leg when they were hit by a forklift. Unfortunately, the break caused them to develop compartment syndrome and blood clots, which necessitated an amputation of the leg.

  • $2,366,000
    One Accident, Two Claims

    A 2014 Accident just resolved in DC following years of litigation. The Client fell down three stories through an unsecured elevator shaft hidden behind a normal-looking-doorway. The Client made a Workers Compensation claim for injuries sustained which he settled for $491,000. We then sued other contractors associated with the project and were able to settle that claim for $1,875,000. One accident, two claims, $2,366,000.00 in total.

  • $1,406,000
    Long Term Disability Insurance Appeal

    This was a long-term disability case in which our client was forced to stop working after having a large tumor removed from her brain. Although the procedure was successful, our client was still burdened by debilitating side effects and neurocognitive deficits that impacted her quality of life. In January 2016, the client contacted our firm because her insurance provider terminated her benefits for the second time. The insurer justified their decision by claiming that our client was neurologically sound. They also falsely alleged that our client stopped taking her medication and that her persisting medical issues were related to an eye condition. In truth, our client never stopped taking her medications; she just switched to an online pharmacy – an understandable error by the insurer. However, the claim regarding our client’s neurological condition was entirely fictitious, and summarily disproven by 8 previous neuropsychological examinations that unanimously agreed our client was disabled for life. In short, our client suffered tremendous stress and anxiety because the insurance provider denied their benefits without any supporting evidence. They were handily defeated, and the insurer, acknowledging their negligence, reinstated our client’s benefits before the deadline. Thanks to the efforts of our firm and the support of her family, our client is on track to receive more than $1, 406,000 in benefits while she remains disabled.

  • $1,232,000
    Automobile Accident

    $1,232,000 for electrician who was thrown from an elevated bucket. The bucket truck’s brakes failed and caused the vehicle to roll downhill, with the worker suspended in the air. The worker broke their pelvis and back and needed surgery to fix the broken bones. Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in a post-operative surgical site infection that required further surgeries and compromised an artery.

  • $1,200,000
    Catastrophic Injury - Partial Paralysis

    A man in a bucket truck working on a power line was injured when the vehicle’s parking brake failed while our client was suspended 30’ in the air. The vehicle rolled downhill before striking a curb and flipping, with our client still inside the suspended bucket. The resulting fall cause permanent partial paralysis of one leg. Our client received a total settlement of over $1,200,000.00.

  • $1,095,000
    Shoulder Injury in Bucket Truck Fall

    Our client sustained an occupational injury after falling from a bucket truck during work hours. He had multiple shoulder surgeries following this severe accident. The client received $190,000 from workers’ compensation, $110,000 in lost wages, and $170,000 to cover medical treatments, bringing the total amount paid out on his behalf to roughly $1,095,000. We were also able to obtain a $625,000 settlement for this client following a day-long mediation.

  • $1,050,000
    Medical Malpractice - Spinal Cord Injury

    Our client injured his spinal cord after tripping and landing on a pointed rock. He went to the hospital but was quickly released. He returned to the hospital 5 days later with a temperature but was once again released. On his third visit, the doctors finally realized there was a serious problem. Our client was struggling to walk and urinate due to an undiagnosed epidural abscess exerting pressure on his spinal cord. To this day, our client still cannot walk. We alleged that this was medical malpractice as were able to secure a $1,050,000 settlement for our client.

  • $983,800.00
    Fall - Broken Spine

    This client was a construction worker who fell through an open hole in the floor while walking backwards. He fell one story and landed on his back, breaking his spine. He received some of the best medical care in the world at Shephards Center for Spinal Cord Injury Rehab Center in Atlanta Georgia, paid for by the carrier.

  • $805,000
    Catastrophic Injury - Leg Amputation

    Our client was run-over by a coworker while milling a roadway. The milling machine amputated his leg below the knee. Because of the client’s low wages, under Virginia law, the maximum value of his loss was only $75,000. We got him $250,000 on top of the $500,000 that paid for his medical expenses and the $55,000 in lost wages he previously received.

  • $710,000
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was T-boned in a gruesome Fairfax County accident, which led her to receive $210,000 in medical treatment. She elected to settle her case for $710,000. We are very happy she has recovered well and is happy with the case result.

  • $700,000
    Medical Benefits Reimbursement

    This is an ongoing workers’ compensation case, so some details need to be left unspecified. Our client was painting a roof when he accidentally touched an electrical wire. He was electrocuted off the roof and suffered severe burn injuries to the majority of his body, on top of injuries related to the fall. He accrued over $811,000 in medical bills. Because he didn’t initially have an attorney, the hospital billed Medicaid for $50,000 of the coverage and gave up on the rest. However, taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for what workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to cover, and hospitals and doctors shouldn’t lose money just because an insurance company wants to protect their profit margins. So, we set about getting that hospital paid for their valiant, lifesaving efforts. First, we convinced Medicaid that it didn’t have to pay that $50,000. We also persuaded the insurer to pay more than $700,000 to the hospital for past services rendered. Our client is extremely happy his doctors were finally paid.

  • $690,000
    Fall- Concussion

    $690,000 for a concrete worker who fell 20’ off a ladder and suffered a massive concussion and some minor broken bones. The concussion was so bad that it affected the workers’ ability to care for themselves, and their ability to work in the future.

  • $588,500.00
    Spinal Cord Injury - Paralyzation

    Our client was attacked by a hammer-wielding assailant while working at an outlet mall. He was targeted because he had a past relationship with his assailant’s current girlfriend. The assailant used the claw-side of the hammer to puncture our client’s spinal cord in a dressing room ambush. Our client was left with no recourse and no legal way to obtain compensation because he wasn’t targeted as an employee of the store. Because of this detail, his claim technically wasn’t covered by workers’ compensation. However, after long negotiations, we were able to obtain $588,500 in lifetime payments on behalf of our client. Despite having no legal way to win, our client still got something for all the trouble he has, and will continue to, endure.

  • $460,000
    Catastrophic Injury - Multiple Broken Bones

    Our client was working on a ladder when the feet slipped out and he fell 20 feet. He broke a number of bones, most importantly his skull. He ended up getting brain surgery to alleviate the swelling. The resulting mental impairment helped us to secure him a settlement of $460,000.00.

  • $416,000.00
    Head Injury

    Our client was a Fairfax City trash truck worker who fell from the back of a dump truck and hit his head on the road, causing emotional and cognitive problems. As part of his settlement, he will now pursue service related retirement.

  • $407,000.00
    Foot Injury

    This workers’ compensation case involves a client whose foot was run over by a forklift. The result was two surgeries paid for by the carrier, and, instead of continuing with experimental surgeries, the employee elected to resolve his case.

  • $390,000
    Automobile Accident

    A drunk 22-year-old struck our client head on in Loudoun County Virginia. The Defendant was passing on a one-lane-road by crossing into the oncoming traffic lane. Our client had roughly $45,000 in medical treatment and settled his claim for $390,000.00.

  • $375,000.00
    Work Van Hit & Flip Injuries

    In this case, 6 passengers were injured when their work van flipped after being T-boned. The workers inside were each injured to different extents, ranging from quite serious to just a scratch. Between all of them, $375,000 was paid out. Some received as little as $2,000 for their scratch, while the most seriously injured received almost $200,000.

  • $371,500
    Long-Term Disability

    Our client was the recipient of long-term disability benefits for the past decade. Having elected to retake control of their life, they asked us to negotiate a resolution. We secured a lump sum payment in the amount of $371,500.00.

  • $355,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was hit by a distracted driver who ran a red light. The $355,000 settlement covered her knee surgery and other injury-related expenses.

  • $350,000.00
    Fall From Building - Broken Bones

    Our client was a window washer who fell from the 4th floor after his harness broke. He broke multiple bones but ultimately made a full recovery. After a drawn-out legal battle, the client won $220,000 to cover his medical expenses and an additional $120,000 in light of the injuries to his back.

  • $280,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    This client was involved in a traffic collision on the I-495. The defendant’s tire blew out, causing them to swerve at high speeds across four lanes of traffic and directly into our client.

  • $225,000.00
    Hand Injury

    Our client, the employee of a closet company, required legal assistance after a 1,000-pound box fell off a truck and landed on his hand. We were able to help him recover $225,000 in damages.

  • $225,000.00
    Pedestrian Injury

    Our client was an Alexandria jogger hit in a crosswalk on Franconia Road. Although our client didn’t break any bones, they did sustain a head wound that necessitated stitches and a torn rotator cuff. Because our client was a lifelong triathlete and a fitness enthusiast, this accident had a significant impact on their quality of life. Fortunately, our client recovered $225,000 in compensatory damages.

  • $188,000.00
    Wrongful Death

    A maintenance man at an apartment complex was tragically killed when he was assisting in the eviction of a resident. We helped the gentleman’s widow pursue death benefits under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. Per this statute, surviving family members can receive benefits for up to 500 weeks so long as they were financially dependent upon the decedent. After calculating this value, we were able to obtain a lump sum settlement of $188,000 for the widow.

  • $175,000.00
    Wrist Injury

    Our client, a welder, developed a nerve injury after a metal beam fell on his wrist. He received treatment and wage benefits for a year before electing to settle his claim for $175,000. This settlement is in addition to the money he received to cover his lost wages and medical expenses.

  • $157,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was involved in a I-495 accident in which defendant’s tire blew out, causing them to swerve across four lanes of traffic and into our client at high speed.

  • $156,000
    Automobile Accident

    Our client’s vehicle caused a T-Bone style accident in Prince William County. The resulting accident was huge, and our client’s child suffered serious facial lacerations. The family settled their child’s claim for $156,000.00.

  • $152,000
    Automobile Accident - Spinal Cord Injury

    Our client was a very successful engineer who was involved in a very minor fender-bender which resulted in her requiring two surgeries to her cervical spine and shoulder. Our client had a tough case involving serious past accidents as well as a natural degenerative condition. The insurance carrier’s top offer pre-trial was $75,000. We tried the case, had experts testify about the surgery, and exhibited how our client’s cervical spine was fused together in two locations. Our client walked away with $152,000, more than double the pre-trial offer. To make it all the sweeter, we also won her worker’s compensation case for her and got her months and months of lost wages!

  • $142,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    This case involves a client who sustained a knee injury after a terrible car crash. The case was defended on the basis that the victim had prior knee injuries, which were visible in MRI images. Nonetheless, the insurance company agreed to a big settlement on the eve of the trial.

  • $135,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was injured after a lost and distracted driver collided directly into their work vehicle. We were able to recover $135,000 on behalf of the client.

  • $125,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    In this case, our client was injured while sleeping in the backseat of an Uber driver’s car. Our client was being transported home when the Uber vehicle was rear-ended by a driver going 45+ miles per hour on the I-395 North exit ramp onto Seminary Road.

  • $125,000.00
    Hip Replacement

    Our client was unloading a truck in mid-December when he slipped on ice and fell, injuring his hip. The claimant received extensive medical treatments costing $75,000 (including a hip replacement surgery), all on the insurance carriers’ dime. He also received $52,000 in wage compensation benefits while he was recuperating. On top of all of that, he got $125,000 for the permanent harm he suffered.

  • $107,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was injured in a car accident in Spotsylvania. The at-fault party was a lost and distracted driver who hit our client’s vehicle head-on. We helped our client file a workers’ compensation claim and ensured they recovered $107,000.

  • $105,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    In this case, our client’s arm was broken after the vehicle he was in flipped. The insurance limit was $100,000 with an additional $5,000 provided to account for our client’s medical expenses. We got every penny we could for our client, who walked away with a nice chunk of change and a sense of closure.

  • $104,000
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was a child riding along with their parents when a vehicle T-Boned them in Westmoreland County Virginia. The ensuing collision split our 8-year-old client’s nostril and required stitches. The case settled for $104,000.00.

  • $100,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was a professional cleaner whose car was violently rear-ended. While the client was seriously injured, there was only $100,000 coverage available. Not a penny was left on the table after we got done with them.

  • $100,000
    Bicycle Accident

    Our client was a 15-year-old bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle in a Richmond Highway parking lot. While he only suffered approximately $10,000 in medical treatment, our client had bad scrapes to his face, forearm, hands, and body. Our client settled their claim for the insurance limits of $100,000.

  • $80,000
    Automobile Accident

    This case involves an automobile accident in the District of Columbia. Our client was stopped in traffic on I-393 North when her vehicle was brutally rear-ended by a distracted driver. She was taken to the hospital where she received immediate medical assistance; unfortunately, she was left with a facial scar and incurred over $14,00 in medical expenses. The defended later admitted fault, and, after intense negotiations, paid $80,000 to our client.

  • $79,000.00
    Motorcycle Accident

    In the Spring of 2007, our client was riding his motorcycle home from work in Fairfax, Virginia. He was trailing behind a car on a residential street when another vehicle attempted to enter the roadway. This driver yielded to the car in front of our client, but then pulled into traffic and collided into our client’s motorcycle. Our client was an expert motorcycle mechanic and had customized his bike to an exceptional degree. Unfortunately, the motorcycle was completely totaled. Worse, despite wearing all the required safety equipment, our client broke his forearm and needed two surgeries to fix the damage. For one surgery, doctors used a metal plate and screws to hold the unstable fracture together. After several months, the plate and screws were removed, and our client finally reached maximum medical improvement. We were able to settle this matter to the satisfaction of our client by securing $23,000 in medical expenses, $10,000 in lost wages, and a 5% permanent partial disability rating.

  • $70,000
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was injured when the Uhaul they were a passenger in drove into a low-clearance tunnel that wasn’t big enough to accommodate a Uhaul. The crash ripped the roof off the Uhaul and broke our client’s nose. Our client settled their claim for $70,000.

  • $52,000.00
    DUI Automobile Accident

    Our client was injured in a 3-car accident caused by a drunk driver. At the time of the collision, our client was stopped at a red light behind another vehicle. The at-fault driver rear-ended our client and propelled their vehicle into the first car. This negligent driver blew a .16 BAC and was charged with a 2nd DUI offense. In other words, the defendant was a repeat offender. Fortunately, our client didn’t sustain any serious injuries. The insurance company paid up pretty quickly, and to the tune of $52,000.

  • $50,000.00
    Back Injury

    In 2006, our client, who worked for a demolition company, tripped and fell while carrying a 300-pound iron bar, injuring his back. During the treatment process, his doctors discovered that he suffered from Spondylolisthesis at L5-S1, despite not having a history of back problems. After a series of epidural injections, the neurosurgeon finally recommended surgery to alleviate our client’s lingering back pain. However, our client refused to consider a surgery, so we settled this case for a lump sum of $50,000.

    It should be noted that the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act has no provision to compensate an injured worker for a permanent injury to his/her back. As a result, the value of back claims in Virginia is based, in part, upon an evaluation of the cost of future care. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer for a serious back injury case.

  • $50,000
    Slip & Fall - Ankle Injury

    Our client was a 66-year-old man who slipped and fell on the steps at work. He suffered a displaced fracture of his ankle. As a result of our efforts, he received $33,750 in medical benefits (healthcare) and $9,500 in lost wage. We were able to successfully resolve his permanent harm claim for an additional $50,000.

  • $40,000.00
    Automobile Accident

    Our client, a Fairfax County resident, was rear-ended by a Fairfax County Ambulance while on her way home from work. While the vehicle damage was extremely minimal, our client developed Fibromyalgia. The County defended the case at all costs, claiming that the ambulance driver was immune from suit because of sovereign immunity (police, fire trucks, and ambulances get special protections). We argued that the law requires "something more than normal driving" for immunity to attach, because all driving involves some risk. Only when the driving is emergent (think chasing a fleeing suspect) does immunity apply. Here, the patient in the ambulance wasn't in any danger – just drunk. He didn't even have his lights or sirens on. Because immunity didn’t apply, the Defense had to negotiate, and our client recovered $40,000.

  • $35,000.00
    Motorcycle-Car Accident

    This case involves a Fairfax County motorcycle accident, where our client, the biker, was rear-ended while waiting at a red light. The driver didn’t notice the motorcycle stopped on the roadway and hit our client while speeding at 24 miles per hour. The force of the impact sent our client into the air, and he landed on the hood of the car that hit him. The motorcycle was a total loss, and our client suffered back and neck injuries that warranted damages. To our client’s satisfaction, we were able to settle his case for $35,000.

  • $21,058
    Automobile Accident

    Our client was rear-ended by a distracted driver in a BMW 650i. It was a simple, straightforward case in which the defense refused to offer our client anything reasonable (their top offer was $11,500 in a case with $11,700 in medical costs). As a consequence, we took it to trial. Our client won $21,058, almost double the insurance carrier’s top offer.

  • Permanent Resident Status
    Appeal & Residency Status Case

    In this case, our client had been awarded Legal Permanent Resident Status, or a “Green Card,” over 20 years prior. However, her name was misspelled on the original Green Card, and the “corrected” card she received had someone else’s picture. Our client was ensnared in a 12-year battle with the USCIS to obtain an accurate card. Ultimately, she abandoned her attempts because she felt that no one at the USCIS cared about her case.

    In July 2015, our client suffered a massive stroke. She had been working as a maid at a large hotel chain after being awarded Legal Permanent Residency in 1997. But she couldn’t receive Medicaid or Medicare without paying into the system for at least two decades and possessing an accurate Green Card. We sifted through decades of appeals, applications, and letters to prepare an appeal and legal brief that directly addressed the issue. The USCIS officer not only acknowledged our client’s right to appeal, but also issued a decision on the merits in favor of our client in the same letter opinion.

    Our client is now being cared for in a rehabilitation center. Her medical expenses are 100% covered by Medicare and Medicaid thanks to Attorney Barrera, who cut through years of red-tape to secure an accurate Green Card for this hard-working woman.

  • Green Card Obtained
    Green Card - Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

    Our client, a young girl from El Salvador, came to the United States illegally after fleeing gang violence in her home country. Sadly, she was quickly detained by immigration authorities. We successfully lobbied for her release so that she could reside with her mother in Virginia (her father abandoned her). Her Special Immigrant Juvenile Status application was successfully approved, and she is now mere weeks away from her receiving her green card.

  • Green Cards for Dozens of Children
    Green Cards for Dozens of Children

    We have advocated for custody orders and special immigrant juvenile status petitions and green cards for dozens of children from Central America who were abandoned, neglected or abused by one or both parents.

  • Legal Permanent Resident Status
    Legal Permanent Resident Status

    An Afghan man who is the husband of a US Citizen was stuck in Afghanistan after the U.S evacuation with no means to escape. Persuading and securing the assistance of a U.S. Senator and U.S Congressperson we were able to obtain a visa approval in just 19 days. While unfortunately the Kanbul Airport bombing prevented him from leaving prior to the U.S evacuation, we continued to work with him, connecting him with voluntary ex-Special Forces organizations to coordinate safe houses for him until we were able to procure a seat for him on a post-evacuation U.S. State Dept. sponsored flight to Doha. Once in Doha, we continued our efforts working with Congressional officials and the State Department to secure Humanitarian Parole for him upon entry to the U.S. Four months from the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan in August 2021, our client is safe at home with his wife in Virginia. He has a legal work authorization card, a social security card and we are now in the process of securing his Green Card and Legal Permanent Resident Status.

  • Legal Permanent Resident Status
    Legal Permanent Resident Status

    We have successfully handled multiple defensive asylum cases for people seeking to escape persecution in Central America. Our most recent case involved the defense of a young mother from El Salvador before the Immigration Court and convinced the Court to grant asylum to her and her young son. The Department of Homeland Security waived appeal. Our client’s father had been murdered by the M-18 gang 20 years prior because of his work with the FMLN, and as her older siblings reached the age of majority they also became targets of the gang. We successfully argued that there was a nexus between the murder of our client’s father and the harm suffered by her siblings with the threats our client received. We also successfully argued that in part her persecution was based on an imputed political opinion. As a result of our efforts she and her son will be protected from deportation and ultimately receive Legal Permanent Resident status with a green card.

  • Client Was Released
    Texas Detention Center Release

    Our client, a young El Salvadorian in his 20s, was arrested and detained in a Texas detention center after entering the United States illegally. He originally left El Salvador because he was being targeted by gang members due to his sexual orientation. With our help, this young man has been released on bond, is no longer the subject of imminent deportation, and is currently enjoying a happy life in Virginia. We are currently working on his asylum case and hope to secure a positive case result soon.

  • U.S. Citizenship
    U.S. Citizenship

    In the last year we have successfully argued and obtained U.S. Citizenship for two separate clients despite ailments and disabilities that made it impossible for them to pass the required naturalization language and civics tests. In one case the client was a man in his 60s from Tanzania who had suffered a stroke and as a result had a significant loss of memory and impaired language and the other client was a mother from Afghanistan who had suffered severe trauma from the years of war in her country which had also prevented her from receiving an adequate education to successfully complete the naturalization exams. For both clients we worked with physicians and psychologists to obtain medical waivers to convince USCIS to excuse their English and Civics test.

  • Secured Citizenship as a Matter of Right
    Secured Citizenship as a Matter of Right

    We avoided the need for a middle aged client from Ethiopia to pursue an application for a Certificate of Citizenship based on convincing USCIS that the client had secured Citizenship as a matter of right when the client entered the US with his mother as a teenager. Securing this direct step to citizenship required extensive work and proof of paternal legitimacy. In 8 months we happily accompanied our client to his naturalization ceremony.

  • Secured Family Based Visas
    Secured Family Based Visas

    In the last 8 years we have secured family based visas for countless clients from Central America, South Africa, the Middle East and other countries without any of them being denied.