Case Results

At The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC., our primary goal is to provide a client-centered, hands-on, approach that will be available to them day or night. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients and can help you recover what you have lost. Look through some of our most recent victories and contact us today to begin reviewing your case with our experienced firm. We proudly speak English & Spanish.
  • $3,000,000
    Brain Injury Just so the record is straight, there is another firm who advertises that they settled a $3 Million dollar Virginia Workers’ Compensation Case on behalf of a brain injured worker. So that that there is no confusion or misrepresentation, Daniel Barrera was the lawyer who singlehandedly obtained that $3,000,000.00 Virginia Workers Compensation Settlement. In fact, Mr. Barrera has obtained over $1,000,000.00 for his clients on six separate occasions.
  • $1,406,000
    Long Term Disability Insurance Appeal This was a long-term disability case in which my client had been forced to stop working due to the consequences of having a large tumor removed from their brain. This person had suffered neurocognitive deficits as a consequence, often forgetting things and being more emotionally susceptible. Though my client had received benefits since 2006, the insurance company never stopped trying to get rid of them. Their benefits were terminated years ago, and they overcame that hurdle. In January 2016, their benefits were terminated again. They turned to us. The insurer denied benefits this time because: they claimed my client stopped taking their meds; they claimed my client was neurologically fine, and; they claimed my client’s problems were related to an eye condition. My client was still taking their medicines; they had just changed to an online pharmacy. An understandable error by the insurer. Their claim that my client was fine neurologically was fictitious. Absolutely fake. We know this because there had been 8 previous neuropsychological examinations. All unanimously agreed our client was disabled for life. One mentioned a possible eye problem, but that was summarily disproved. In short, the insurance company denied benefits without any supporting evidence. It created tremendous stress in their life for 10 months while we got the situation sorted. Before the deadline even came up, the insurer reinstated benefits, no additional questions asked. They were handily defeated. My client was very fortunate to have the unanimous support of their family and husband, all of whom helped to put together hundreds of pages of supporting documents for their appeal. Our client is on track to receive more than $1,406,000 in benefits while she remains disabled.
  • $1,095,000
    Shoulder Injury in Bucket Truck Fall We were able to obtain a $625,000 settlement following a day long mediation for a client who injured his shoulder after falling high up. He had multiple shoulder surgeries following this severe accident. The client had previously received $190,000 from Workers’ Compensation for the same injury, plus $110,000 in lost wages and $170,000 in medical treatment, bringing the total amount paid out on his behalf to roughly $1,095,000.
  • $1,050,000
    Medical Malpractice - Spinal Cord Injury This is a very odd story of a man who was injured by a rock. While pushing a wheelbarrow, our client fell over a large rock, landing with his back directly on a pointed rock which injured his spinal cord. He went to the hospital and was released. He returned to the hospital 5 days later with a temperature, but was again released. He returned a third time shortly thereafter, and this time the doctors realized there was a serious problem. By this point, he couldn’t walk and had trouble urinating. It turns out there had been an epidural abscess exerting pressure on his spinal cord. This abscess had gone undiagnosed for days, wreaking havoc on his spinal cord. Our client, as a consequence, still cannot walk to this day. We alleged that this was medical malpractice, and were able to help secure a settlement for our client in the amount of $1,050,000.
  • $805,000
    Catastrophic Injury - Leg Amputation Our client was a paver who was run-over by a co-employee while helping a paving milling machine mill the road. The machine amputated his leg below the knee. Because of the client’s low wages, under Virginia law, the maximum value of his leg was only $75,000. We got him $250,000 on top of the $500,000 paid for his medical expenses and the $55,000 in lost wages he previously received.
  • $710,000
    Automobile Accident Our client was T-boned in a gruesome Fairfax County accident, which led her to receive $210,000 in medical treatment. She elected to settle her case for $710,000. We are very happy she recovered well and she was very happy with the outcome.
  • $700,000
    Medical Benefits Reimbursement This case was a worker’s compensation claim. Because it is ongoing, we cannot mention any names. What is important to know is that our client was painting a roof when he touched an electrical wire, and was electrocuted off the roof, falling to the ground below. As a consequence, he suffered severe burn injuries to the majority of his body and fall injuries. He accrued over $811,000 in medical bills. Because he didn’t initially have an attorney, the hospital had billed Medicaid for $50,000 of the coverage, and gave up on the rest. However, that wasn’t very fair. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for what workers compensation insurance is supposed to cover. Hospitals and doctors shouldn’t lose money on a case so an insurance company can profit more. So we set about getting that hospital paid for their valiant, lifesaving efforts. Recently, we convinced Medicaid it didn’t have to pay that $50,000. We also convinced the insurer to pay more than $700,000 to the hospital for past services rendered. Our client was extremely happy his doctors were paid!
  • $588,500.00
    Spinal Cord Injury - Paralyzation This is a truly sad story. Our client was attacked by a hammer-wielding-assailant while working at the outlet mall. It turns out he was targeted because of a past relationship with his assailant’s current girlfriend. The assailant used the claw-side of the hammer to puncture our client’s spinal cord in a dressing room ambush. Our client was left with no recourse and no legal way to obtain compensation for his claim. He wasn’t targeted because he was an employee of a store, he was targeted because of his life outside of work. Because of this, he claim wasn’t covered by Workers’ Compensation. However, in spite of that, after long negotiations we were able to obtain $588,500 in lifetime payments to our client as a settlement of all claims. In spite of having no legal way to win, our client still got something for all the trouble he has, and will continue to, endure.
  • $375,000.00
    Work Van Hit & Flip Injuries 6 passengers inside a work van were t-boned and flipped in a Virginia accident. The workers inside were each injured to different extents, ranging from quite serious to just a scratch. Between all of them, $375,000 was paid out. Some received as little as $2,000 for their scratch, while the most seriously injured received almost $200,000.
  • $350,000.00
    Fall From Building - Broken Bones Our client was a window washer who fell from the 4 th floor when his harness broke. He subsequently broke a bunch of bones, but made a great recovery. Following a long fight, the client won $220,000 in medical treatment to help him recover and an additional $120,000 for the injuries to back.
  • $188,000.00
    Wrongful Death A maintenance man at an apartment complex was tragically killed when he was assisting in an eviction of a resident. This gentleman’s widow hired us to represent her in connection with the death benefits available under the Virginia Workers’ compensation Act. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation statute provides for a maximum 500 week benefit for a death claim when the surviving family members are totally dependent upon the decedent. After calculating the present value of the 500 week benefit, we were able to obtain a lump sum settlement for the widow of $188,000.
  • $175,000.00
    Wrist Injury Our client, a welder, had a metal beam fall on his wrist while working. This caused him to develop a nerve injury in that wrist. After receiving treatment and wage benefits for a year, the claimant elected to settle his claim for $175,000 on top of the money he got for his lost wages and his medical expenses.
  • $152,000
    Automobile Accident - Spinal Cord Injury Our client was a very successful engineer who was involved in a very minor fender-denter which resulted in her requiring two surgeries to her cervical spine and shoulder. Our client had a tough case involving serious past accidents as well as natural degenerative changes. The insurance carrier’s top offer pretrial was $75,000. We tried the case, and pulled out all the stops. We had experts testify as to the surgery, and exhibits detailing how our client’s cervical spine was fused together in two locations. Our client walked away with $152,000, more than double to top pre-trial offer. To make it all the sweeter, we also won her worker’s compensation case for her and got her months and months of lost wages!
  • $125,000.00
    Hip Replacement Our client was unloading a truck in mid-december when he slipped on ice and fell, injuring his hip. The claimant received extensive medical treatment costing $75,000 (including a hip replacement surgery), all on the insurance carriers dime. He also received $52,000 in wage compensation benefits while he was recuperating. On top of all of that, he got $125,000 for the permanent harm he suffered.
  • $80,000
    Automobile Accident This was an automobile accident which occurred in the District of Columbia. Our client was in a vehicle which was stopped in traffic on I-395N when her car was impacted from behind. The driver which caused the accident was on their phone, distracted. My client was taken to the hospital and was left with a facial scar. She incurred some $14,000 in medical bills for her treatment. In the end, the defendant admitted fault and, after intense negotiations, paid $80,000.
  • $79,000.00
    Motorcycle Accident

    In the Spring of 2007, our client was riding his motorcycle home from work in Fairfax, Virginia. He was driving on a residential street following another car as they approached a curve in the road, where another car was attempting to enter the roadway. While the other driver yielded to the car in front of our client, he did not appreciate the fact that a motorcycle was following that car, and as a result he pulled into traffic directly in front our client, and his motorcycle.

    The impact between the car and the motorcycle was severe. Our client was an expert motorcycle mechanic, and had customized his bike to a large degree. Unfortunately, the motorcycle was totaled. Worse was the fact that despite wearing all the required safety equipment available, our client broke his forearm and required surgery. The surgery entailed a metal plate and screws to hold together the unstable fracture. After a number of months the plate and screws were removed, and our client after months of therapy, and two surgeries had finally reached maximum medical improvement. The treating orthopedic surgeon provided our client a 5% permanent partial disability rating. With approximately $23,000 in medical expenses, a 5% permanent partial disability, and approximately $10,000 in lost wages we were able to settle this matter to the satisfaction of our client.

    The main issue in this case was the apparent inability of the defendant to appreciate the fact that there was motorcycle approaching him. This is one of the largest factors contributing to motorcycle accidents. Unless people begin to recognize that we share the road with motorcycles, there will undoubtedly be a continued increase in motorcycle accidents in Virginia.

  • $52,000.00
    DUI Automobile Accident Our client was in the middle vehicle in a 3 car accident caused by a drunk driver. Our client and the car in front were stopped at a red light. The defendant didn’t stop. He blew a .16 BAC and was charged with DUI 2 nd offense. In other words, this guy was a repeat offender. Our client had no broken bones or other serious injuries. The insurance company paid up pretty quickly, to the tune of $52,000. We hope the defendant learned their lesson.
  • $50,000.00
    Back Injury In 2006, out client was working for a demolition company and trying to carry a 300 pound iron bar when he tripped and fell, injuring his back. During the course of his medical treatment, it was discovered that the injured worker suffered from Spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. There was no prior history of any back problems or medical treatment of the back. After a final series of epidural injections, the neurosurgeon made a recommendation of surgery for the lingering back pain. As our client refused to consider a surgery, we were able to settle this case for a lump sum of $50,000. It should be noted that the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act has no provision to compensate the injured worker for a permanent injury to his/her back. As a result the value of back claims in Virginia are based, in part, upon an evaluation of the cost of future care. As a result, in any serious back injury case it is a good idea to hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.
  • $50,000
    Slip & Fall - Ankle Injury Our client was a 66-year-old man who slipped and fell on the steps at work. He suffered a displaced fracture of his ankle. As a result of our efforts, he received $33,750 in medical benefits (healthcare) and $9,500 in lost wage. We were able to successfully resolve his permanent harm claim for an additional $50,000.
  • $40,000.00
    Automobile Accident Our client, a Fairfax County resident, was rear-ended by a Fairfax County Ambulance while on her way home from work. The vehicle damage was extremely minimal but our client developed Fibromyalgia. The County defended the case at all costs, claiming the ambulance driver was immune from suit because of sovereign immunity (police, fire trucks, and ambulances get special protections). We argued that the law requires "something more than normal driving" for immunity to attach, because all driving involves some risk. Only when the driving is emergent (think chasing a fleeing suspect) does immunity apply. Here, the patient in the ambulance wasn't in any danger (just drunk). The ambulance was driving like everyone else on the road. He didn't even have his lights or siren on. His accident was a normal, negligent driver accident. Because immunity didn’t apply, the Defense had to negotiate.
  • $35,000.00
    Motorcycle-Car Accident

    Motorcycles are more and more prevalent on the roads. There has been a huge surge in the popularity of motorcycles over the past number of years. As a result, drivers have to be more conscious of the other vehicles on the roadway. In Northern Virginia where there the roads are notoriously congested, motorcycle accidents are becoming more and more common.

    This case was Fairfax County motorcycle accident, where our client, the driver of the motorcycle, was rear ended while stopped in his lane waiting for traffic that had stopped fro the light. The driver behind the motorcycle just didn’t take notice that there was a motorcycle stopped on the roadway, and hit the bike at about 25 miles per hour. This motorcycle accident happened on Route 1 in Fairfax County, in the middle of traffic. The force of the impact sent our client into the air, and he landed on the hood of the car that hit him. The motorcycle was a total loss.

    Our client suffered back and neck injuries in the accident, and after a period of treatment recovered from his injuries. To our client’s satisfaction we were able to settle this case for $35,000.

  • $21,058
    Automobile Accident Our client was rear-ended by a distracted driver in a BMW 650i. It was a simple, straightforward case in which the defense refused to offer our client anything reasonable (their top offer was $11,500 in a case with $11,700 in medical costs). As a consequence, we took it to trial. Our client won $21,058, almost double the insurance carrier’s top offer.
  • Permanent Resident Status
    Appeal & Residency Status Case

    As associate attorney, Virginia R. Barrera, Esq, entered the firm's waiting area, two women were huddled together in prayer. They had come to meet with Attorney Barrera to discuss their older sister.

    The older sister had Legal Permanent Resident Status ("a Green Card") that she had secured over 20 years prior. The first “Green Card” she received had her name misspelled. The "corrected" card contained the wrong picture. From there, the older sister was ensnared in a 12 year battle that the client had with USCIS to obtain an accurate card.

    Ultimately the sister abandoned her attempts as she felt as if no one was listening to her or caring about her case at USCIS.

    Then in July, 2015, this older sister suffered a massive stroke. The sister had worked as a maid at a large hotel chain since she had first received her Legal Permanent Residency in 1997. But in order to receive the Medicaid and Medicare she had to have paid into the system for almost two decades through her payroll taxes; she needed proof of her legal status, and she needed an accurate Green Card.

    Unraveling and sifting through two decades of applications, letters and appeals that were over three inches thick was no easy matter. Attorney Barrera, prepared an appeal and legal brief, that so succinctly and directly addressed the issue, that the government officer not only acknowledged the right to appeal, but also issued a decision on the merits in favor of the client in the same letter opinion.

    The older sister is now being cared for in a rehabilitation center with her medical expenses being 100% covered by Medicare and Medicaid, thanks to the work of Attorney Barrera in cutting through years of red-tape, and securing an accurate Green Card for this hard-working woman.
  • Green Card Obtained
    Green Card - Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Our client, a young girl from El Salvador, came to the United States illegally after fleeing gang violence in her home country. She was detained by immigration authorities. We successfully lobbied for her release to reside with her mother in Virginia (her father abandoned her). Her Special Immigrant Juvenile Status application was successfully approved. She is now mere weeks away from her receiving her green card.
  • Client Was Released
    Texas Detention Center Release Our client, in his 20s, from El Salvador came to the United States illegally and was detained in Texas in one of those horrible detention centers we all hear about on the news these days. He was targeted in his country by gang members because of his sexual orientation. He was released on bond, is no longer subject to imminent deportation, and is currently living happily in Virginia. We are currently working on his asylum case as he has all the requirements to obtain asylum.