Is It Worth Installing a Dashcam?

Is It Worth Installing a Dashcam?

Dashcams have become hugely popular in recent years, with many vehicles including a dashcam by default now. Is it even worth installing a dashcam if you don’t have one, though? Or are they just overhyped? The quick answer is yes, it is worth installing a dashcam! They have many benefits and relatively low costs these days. But let’s get into the longer answer, too.

Three Benefits of Dashcams

There are many different dashcams available on the market. You have your choice when it comes to picking one to install in your car. The good news is that all of them will bring a few key benefits.

Three of the best benefits of dashcams include:

  1. Car accident evidence: The number one reason why anyone can benefit from a dashcam in their car is that it creates immediate, first-hand evidence to use in a car accident claim. If someone speeds into you and causes a wreck, then you will have video proof of what happened. No matter how much the driver and their insurance provider want to spin the situation to shift blame onto you, they can’t talk around the video footage from your dashcam.
  2. Fraud accusation reduction: Along the same line, the dashcam footage that you capture will be useful for single-vehicle accidents, too. Imagine that you hit a pothole on the highway, lost control of your vehicle, and crashed into the guardrail. Your auto insurance provider might say that you weren’t being careful and deny your first-party insurance claim. However, if you had dashcam footage that showed the moment that you hit the pothole, then it could support your claim and effectively stop the auto insurance company from subtly accusing you of insurance fraud.
  3. Traffic ticket support: Dashcams can also be your first line of defense against traffic tickets. Not everyone who is pulled over and handed a traffic citation deserves it. Highway patrol officers make mistakes and issue unjust citations all the time. The footage saved in your dashcam could be used to prove that you were doing nothing wrong. For example, the footage could show that you were traveling at the correct rate and not speeding if you were ticketed for breaking the speed limit.

What Dashcam is Right for You?

Numerous popular retailers sell dashcams. You can use the Amazon app on your smartphone to look for dashcam sales. Amazon Prime Day or Amazon Early Access Deals is among us, where several dashcams are discounted. Or visit Walmart or Target in person or online to browse their inventory. You will probably find many different versions for a variety of prices.

Finding the right dashcam for you will depend entirely on your preferences. Do you want one that also has a second camera that faces backward? Do you want one that constantly records, even when the vehicle is in motion? The list of possible questions could go on because there are that many varieties. A good starting point is finding one in a price range that you’re comfortable with and going from there.

Dashcams & Car Accident Claims

If you’re ever in a car accident and have a dashcam, be sure to save the footage immediately and then let your car accident lawyer know. The footage captured by the camera might be the foundation of your car accident claim. Your lawyer will know how to use that information effectively in your claim.

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