Car Accidents During Covid-19: We’re Still Fighting for You

Car Accidents During Covid-19: We’re Still Fighting for You

Though the rate of car crashes has decreased as more people stay home, people are still hurt every day by reckless drivers. Sadly, serious accidents haven’t declined as much as fender benders have. Some drivers are speeding down emptier roads, causing a hazard for the rest of us. As safer at home and shelter in place orders begin to lift, the volume of traffic on our roads will rise as well—likely causing accidents to slowly creep up to pre-pandemic levels.

If you or someone you love has been in a car accident during this time, it’s important they receive a fair settlement from insurance. Though we’re working remotely, our team is as ready as always to help you file for compensation for your injuries.

Finding Help After a Car Accident

With all the guidance urging people to only leave the house when necessary, we understand why you might be planning to wait to resolve your accident claim. However, this could hurt your ability to recover compensation. Insurance agencies are still open and investigating accidents. You need someone doing the same on your side.

Accident victims should follow these steps, pandemic or not.

Seek Medical Treatment

You may leave the accident feeling fine, but a doctor’s visit is a must for anyone who has been involved in a wreck. Your body responds to incidents like these by pumping out adrenaline, which may make you feel more alert and energized. It can also stop you from feeling pain. Additionally, some injuries may not show up for a few days. Call your doctor or visit an urgent care facility for a checkup. Healthcare facilities are taking every precaution to separate Covid-19 teams and patients from the general public, but you can call ahead and learn more about your doctor’s infection prevention plan so you feel prepared and protected.

Talk to Our Team

Even during the pandemic, insurance adjusters are following up quickly after accidents. In fact, with the overall reduction in cases, they may respond even faster to new collision reports and be able to conduct deeper accident investigations than usual.

You don’t want to let an insurance adjuster control the conversation and settlement process. They are trained in finding ways to reduce their company’s liability. If you get a call and you haven’t retained an attorney yet, reach out to us at any time. We can handle the negotiations so you can focus on everything else that’s on your plate

Your Settlement Matters

Especially with the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, it’s important to get full compensation for your injuries. Trying to take on an insurance company by yourself can be frustrating and confusing. Our team is experienced in handling accident cases and can make the process much smoother for you.

A Covid-19 Discount for Our Community

Every case we take is done on a contingency basis—meaning you won’t pay any legal fees until we recover compensation for you. However, in recognition of the hardships many Americans are facing right now, we wanted to give our community additional help.

We are currently offering 10% off all legal fees. If we are not able to recover anything for you, you still pay nothing. If we are, you will take home the extra 10% we would usually receive in fees. Winning fair compensation can be essential to receiving the treatment you need and returning to your normal life (or pandemic-normal life) after you recover.

We want to know how we can help you during these times. Reach out to The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC if you have been in an accident to learn about your legal options. We are available on:

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We can provide assistance with your legal problems safely and in a way that is convenient for you. Call our team or send a message now to learn if you are eligible for compensation after an accident.