Why You Should Refrain from Wearing Flip-Flops While Driving

Why You Should Refrain from Wearing Flip-Flops While Driving

Chances are, when you are getting dressed for work, to run errands or to go out, you aren’t considering how safe your shoes are or aren’t for driving. But, did you know that your footwear selection can actually be the difference between a serious collision or safety. It’s true.

In fact, statistics prove that nearly 1.4 million car crashes occurred when drivers’ sandals were caught under the various control pedals (clutch, brake, and gas). These drivers’ selection in footwear made it impossible for these drivers to perform necessary maneuvers while driving. In addition, research determines the following facts about driving while wearing flip-flops:

  • Roughly 33% of all motorists drive while wearing flip-flops.
  • About one in ten of these individuals admit their flip-flops have gotten stuck under the clutch, brake, or gas pedal at least once before.
  • A motorist wearing the right footwear, driving in normal conditions, can react within 0.02 seconds. On the other hand, a driver wearing flip-flops takes twice the amount of time to react.

Additional research shows that various other shoe choices can create extremely hazardous driving conditions as well. Most of these “dangerous for driving” footwear selections include those made with thin soles, thick soles, minimal surface areas, limited ankle movements, weak builds, and gripless or slippery soles.

Below is a list of some specific examples:

  • Stiletto heals
  • Platforms
  • Sandals with numerous straps
  • Knee-high boots
  • Ankle-high boots
  • Running shoes made with thick soles
  • Tennis shoes made with thick soles
  • Non-gripping footwear such as bowling shoes

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