Will a New Technology Called a Textalyzer Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents?

Will a New Technology Called a Textalyzer Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents?

Recently, a new technology called the “textalyzer” was introduced by an Israeli firm, Cellebrite. This new development allows law enforcement officers to determine whether drivers used their cellular wireless devices directly prior to car accidents. To ensure that drivers’ privacy rights are not violated, Cellebrite does not allow others to view the messages, photos, or private data used by drivers.

Now, lawmaker officials in New York have proposed a bill to implement textalyzers in law enforcement officers’ toolkits. If approved, this bill will allow law enforcement officers to test the field to determine whether distracted driving, in the form of texting and driving, caused vehicle collisions. As of now, the bill proposes that a driver must give law enforcement officers consent before this type of testing can take place. However, if the driver refuses, they may lose their license.

If the law is passed, various companies, including Cellebrite, may have to compete against one another to build a textalyzer that will be used by law enforcement officers.

Texting While Driving Kills

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine people sustain fatal injuries every day due to distracted driving collisions. An additional 1,153 persons are injured due to these types of accidents. In addition, another study proves that roughly a third of drivers have sent text messages while driving. As a result, 27 percent of collisions involve drivers who text and drive, according to 2013 statistics.

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