Self-Driving Cars Could Eliminate 90% of Accidents, Study Says

Self-Driving Cars Could Eliminate 90% of Accidents, Study Says

A newly published study from a multi-national consulting firm is suggesting that self-driving cars - considered the wave of the future - will significantly improve safety on American roads. The study, which was detailed in The Wall Street Journal found the following:

  • If widely used by American motorists, self-driving cars could eliminate as much as 90% of roadway accidents.
  • Autonomous cars could result in an estimated $190 billion in health care savings and save thousands of lives each year.

Researchers credit the estimated safety benefits of self-driving cars to advanced technology that limits the potential for driver error and negligence (a common factor in the majority of auto accidents). Self-driving cars, for example, are not vulnerable to distracted or impaired drivers. These technologies also have a better grasp of surroundings than humans may have.

Adaptive cruise control, lane-departure prevention advancements, and blind spot detection technology have become increasingly used by automakers in new vehicles. When these and other innovative technologies become common place, they will play a significant role in reducing numerous accidents each year.

While self-driving cars and very few traffic accidents are exciting prospects, it may be some time before autonomous vehicles dominate U.S. roads and highways. According to the study, auto-piloted vehicles may not be mass produced and used until sometime around 2030. Researchers did estimate that automakers would begin adopting self-driving cars within the next decade.

At The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC, we have represented many clients who suffered harm and losses as a result of driver error and negligence. We look forward to seeing if self-driving cars will truly take hold, but know that as long as humans still have the ability to control vehicles - which are essentially large and dangerous machines - there will always be the potential for accidents, especially preventable accidents.

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