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Blog Posts in 2016

  • 3 of the Most Dangerous Occupations in America You Never Would Have Guessed

    | 8-Dec-2016

    In 2010, 4,547 fatal accidents occurred in the workplace. In 2012, this increased to 4,693 casualties, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While it is sad that these numbers are so high, you may be surprised to learn what occupations are the most dangerous. To provide you with some insight, we have listed the three of the most dangerous jobs in America that you may have never guessed: 1. ...
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  • Can Seasonal Workers Qualify for Workers' Compensation Benefits?

    | 14-Nov-2016

    The holiday season brings about hectic and busy circumstances for many businesses and companies. As a result, many businesses are forced to hire seasonal workers. Below are some occupations commonly hired during this time of year: Grocery store employees Department store employees Chefs and restaurant workers Security guards Drivers Decoration services Snow movers Of course, like any other ...
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  • Recovering Permanent Total Disability Benefits in Virginia

    | 2-Nov-2016

    When someone is in a major accident at work and is unable to work as a result of injuries sustained in the accident, the injured party may recover workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical bills and partial lost wages. Several types of benefits are available depending on whether the worker suffered a temporary or permanent disability, and whether the employee is able to return to work. ...
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  • Worker Safety in Hospitals

    | 4-Oct-2016

    When most people think of hospitals, they imagine a place where people can be treated for injuries and illnesses. However, many people fail to realize the hazards that hospital workers face every day. In fact, in 2011, United States hospitals reported nearly 253,700 hospital employees sustained work-related illnesses and injuries. Studies show that this is nearly double the rate for the entirety ...
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  • Hearing Loss: America's Most Common Work-Related Injury

    | 14-Sep-2016

    Hearing loss is the most common work-related injury in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to researchers, roughly 22 million Americans are exposed to damaging levels of occupational noise each year. While exact numbers of affected workers are hard to come by, an estimated $242 million is spent annually on workers’ comp benefits for ...
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  • Client Hit by Ambulance Driver Defeats Immunity & Gets Compensated

    | 30-Aug-2016

    It is with great pleasure that we can announce today that our client has finally received compensation for her automobile accident which occurred in 2013. This was a hotly contested case in which the defense refused to play ball throughout. Our client was stopped at a red light in Fairfax County when an ambulance transporting a drunk person approached her from behind. This ambulance driver ...
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  • Leading Causes of Death in the Workplace: OSHA's "Fatal Four"

    | 22-Aug-2016

    Since 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has partnered with employers, health and safety professionals, and other advocates as a means of creating safe and functional workplaces. Over the years, injury and death rates in the workplace have decreased tremendously. Nonetheless, many workplace injuries and fatalities occur every day. In fact, OSHA reports that there are ...
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  • Workplace Fatalities on the Rise in Virginia, Officials Urge Vigilance

    | 10-Aug-2016

    A rise in workplace deaths has sparked concern across Virginia, and state officials are urging residents and employers to take greater vigilance when it comes to work safety. The announcement came earlier this month from the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program after a review of mid-year statistics. Their findings: there have been 29 preventable work-related deaths due to injury ...
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  • Four Things to Do After a Work Injury

    | 1-Aug-2016

    If you are like most employees, you may not have had to deal with workers’ compensation before. The following tips can help you know what to do if you become injured at work. Seek medical attention. Do not delay in getting care. If needed, go to the emergency room, or ask your employer if you are required to see a certain doctor or if they will allow you to choose your own doctor. If you are ...
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  • Work Injuries Increase During Summer

    | 22-Jul-2016

    According to reports recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees sustain more injuries during June, July, and August than any other months of the year. In fact, statistics show that roughly 3,300 employees sustain injuries each June day. Unfortunately, the majority of these accidents occur due to lack of supervision and enforcement of OSHA safety standards and procedures. According to ...
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  • When you have been in injured in an auto accident, and are looking to pursue compensation for any damages incurred, you should know the process can be exhaustive and lengthy. You may feel compelled to end negotiations as quickly as possible and take the first offer given. However, this is not ideal. By doing this, you will not be able to pursue further compensation for the accident, as the case ...
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  • Information Regarding Workers Compensation for Occupational Diseases

    | 20-Jun-2016

    When a person becomes ill due to an unsafe work condition, the consequences can be severe. Along with accumulated hours of missed work, a person can suffer serious pains, costly medical expenses, mental anguish, and much more. For this reason, a person who develops an occupational disease should contact experienced legal representation right away. A skilled lawyer can help that person obtain the ...
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  • Your Rights Under Virginia Workers' Compensation

    | 10-Jun-2016

    Workers’ compensation laws can be complicated. As a result, employees may neither fully understand workers’ rights nor their employer’s responsibilities. One of the most important things to remember is that Virginia workers’ compensation is designed to protect those injured while on the job. In fact, worker’s compensation, in the state of Virginia, is designed to: ...
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  • What Is Virginia's Statute of Limitations?

    | 1-Jun-2016

    The statute of limitations is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. Typically, this means that after an accident or injury, victims and families will only have a limited amount of time to formulate and file their claim. Failing to file a claim within the statute of limitations will prevent victims from pursuing compensation for their injuries and damages. In Virginia, the following statute of ...
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  • OSHA's Final Rule May Greatly Decrease Number of Workplace Injuries

    | 25-May-2016

    According to recent reports, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stated they have created and finalized new federal requirements which will make illness and injury data more available to the public. In August, information regarding illness and injury data, which is collected by employers by law, will be submitted to OSHA so that the agency can make this information available to ...
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