6 Leading Occupations Causing Back Injuries

6 Leading Occupations Causing Back Injuries

There are many occupations where back injuries can occur. From heavy lifting and physical exertion to awkward and static work postures, there are a wide variety of jobs that place workers at risk for back injury or pain.

The following are leading occupations causing back injuries:

1. Construction workers

Construction work typically entails lifting, carrying, bending, pulling, and tugging daily. Repeating such movements places extreme stress on the body, leading to overuse injuries such as back pain. In addition, construction workers who use scaffolding or climb ladders are at risk of falls from great heights, which can lead to serious spinal injuries.

2. Healthcare providers

Nurses and nursing home staff are on their feet most of each day and even required to lift, carry, hold, push, pull, or turn patients who need constant medical care and heavy equipment. They must also bend to assist with any procedures. All these motions can lead to back and/or neck injury. On the other hand, dentists and surgeons stand, bend, stoop, and hold an awkward body position for long periods of time. Due to the intense work environment, these medical professionals often forget to correct their poor posture.

3. Warehouse workers

Working in a warehouse is physically demanding since workers spend most of their day lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy loads, which could cause back pain or injury. Some warehouse jobs require workers to drive trucks or operate industrial vehicles that vibrate the entire body, which can result in soreness and backache.

4. Drivers

Whether operating a large commercial vehicle or a personal vehicle for a ridesharing service, people who drive for a living sit down for extended periods and sometimes help passengers with their luggage. These conditions can contribute to back injuries.

5. Gardeners and landscapers

From trimming hedges and planting trees to constantly bending and lifting, when repetitive movements like these are performed daily, they can result in an overuse back injury.

6. Office workers

Although these employees are not required to lift heavy objects or operate massive machinery, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day can lead to terrible posture and eventually back pain.

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