OSHA's Final Rule May Greatly Decrease Number of Workplace Injuries

OSHA's Final Rule May Greatly Decrease Number of Workplace Injuries

According to recent reports, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stated they have created and finalized new federal requirements which will make illness and injury data more available to the public. In August, information regarding illness and injury data, which is collected by employers by law, will be submitted to OSHA so that the agency can make this information available to the public. OSHA believes that this new process can improve the safety of even the most hazardous workplaces.

The Intentions Behind the New Process

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA states that as of now, high injury rates make employers uncomfortable listing their statistics where the public can view them since, for many, they are signs of poor management. However, representatives from OSHA believe this new process can apply just the right amount of pressure to decrease the number of illnesses and injuries that occur due to unsafe work conditions. Additionally, OSHA representatives believe this new process will nudge employers to demonstrate that their facilities are well-managed and operate safely.

In addition, OSHA’s plan to create the largest publicly accessible data set regarding workplace illnesses and injuries will allow researchers to more easily identify workplace safety dangers, causation, and evaluate the effectiveness of preventative measures.

How OSHA Will Ensure Employers Submit Accurate Data

Because OSHA is dedicated to making sure employers provide accurate data, employees are able to report illnesses and injuries without fear of any backlash. To do so, employers will be required to supply a process that does not discourage workers from reporting injuries and illnesses.

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