OSHA Takes Action After Noticing Fingertip Amputations Increased in Workplaces

OSHA Takes Action After Noticing Fingertip Amputations Increased in Workplaces

On Thursday, March 17, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration released a notice that addressed an increasing yet disturbing trend occurring in various workplaces. Since OSHA instated a federal regulation that requires employers to report every severe injury that occurs in the workplace, employers have, inevitably, reported many more incidents. As a result, the Labor Department was better able to understand the real dangers that exist throughout various industries.

But, what is this disturbing trend that the Labor Department noticed immediately? After collecting reports, OSHA’s Labor Department saw an excessive amount of fingertip amputations among employees using food slicers. In fact, according to recent statistics, 2,644 people suffered amputations in workplaces in 2015.

Yet, even with these new regulations and requirements in place, many OSHA representatives believe employers are not accurately reporting the amount of injuries that occur in workplaces. The Assistant Secretary of Labor reports that the true number of incidents may be twice as high as the number of incidents actually reported.

How Will OSHA Address this Issue?

The Assistant Secretary of Labor states there are not enough inspectors for the amount of workplaces in every industry. Because OSHA only employs about 2,500 inspectors and there are up to 8 million workplaces, it is impossible for every workplace to receive personal attention and attendance from OSHA. As a result, OSHA representatives state it is important for employers to conduct thorough inspections and incident investigations to prevent future dangers and injuries.

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