8 Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

8 Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

The coldest winter months are finally here. As a result, you can expect to see more fog, rain, and especially snowfall. While these white winters can be beautiful, they can also be extremely dangerous if drivers are not careful when getting behind the wheel.

To avoid a car accident this winter, consider the eight safety tips our Virginia car accident lawyers have listed below:

  1. Do not use your parking brake in wet, cold, or snowy weather.
  2. Avoid using cruise control when driving on wet or icy surfaces.
  3. Never take turns fast. This could cause your vehicle to slip.
  4. Use chains that wrap around your tires when appropriate.
  5. Avoid aggressive acceleration. This can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  6. Never hit your brakes abruptly. Remember, it takes more time to stop when driving on icy roads.
  7. Be patient. Keep in mind that individuals may drive much slower than in normal weather conditions.
  8. Make sure your windshield defogger operates correctly. This can help prevent impaired vision when driving.

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