Work-Related Fatalities Rise Between 2013 to 2014

Work-Related Fatalities Rise Between 2013 to 2014

Making a living shouldn’t cost a life no matter what industry a person chooses to work. Unfortunately, the amount of work-related fatalities continues to increase as each year goes by.

Recently, the Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries revealed that fatal work injuries increased by two percent from 2013 to 2014. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that while 4,585 fatal injuries occurred in 2013, 2,679 fatal injuries occurred in 2014. This means that on average, 13 employees are killed every day while on the job.

Below is a list of other findings exposed in the census.

  • Work-related fatalities in the mining industry increased by 17%
  • Work-related fatalities in the law enforcement industry increased by 17%
  • Work-related fatalities in the agricultural industry increased by 14%
  • Work-related fatalities in the manufacturing industry increased by 9%
  • Work-related fatalities injuries in the construction industry increased by 6%
  • The rate of workplace fatalities for employee over the age of 55 are higher than ever before
  • The rate for occupational fatalities amongst women increased by 13%

Undoubtedly, there needs to be an increased focus on workers’ safety throughout industries everywhere. The United Sates Secretary of Labor stated, “These numbers underscore the urgent need for employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees as the law requires.” By employers mandating safety regulations, there is a better chance that employees will remain safe so that they can return home to their family every day. Regrettably, supervisors’ and employers’ lack of mandating such safety precautions contribute to these shockingly high escalations.

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