How Can I Protect Myself from a Truck Accident?

How Can I Protect Myself from a Truck Accident?

A jury awarded $165 million dollars to the family of a woman named Mariala V., who was struck and later killed by a FedEx truck driver. Mariala’s car was pulled over on the side of the highway, along with her daughter, and younger son, a 19-month-old at the time. As a result of the impact, the daughter also died, leaving the young boy as the sole survivor of the incident.

Further investigation into the accident revealed that the driver Elizabeth Q. had been traveling on the road at 65 mph, making no attempt to either slow down or stop upon noticing that Mariala’s pickup was directly in front of the truck driver. The trial discovered that not only had Elizabeth not received proper training and safety education, but she had also fallen asleep behind the wheel.

How can I spot a drowsy driver?

Falling asleep behind the wheel is dangerous for any driver, but for truck drivers, it can be all the more disastrous. Truck drivers receive special licenses to operate big-rigs and because they are acting as employees of a company or agency, are expected to drive safely. Thus, they are held to a higher standard. Yet truck accidents due to drowsy driving are all too common.

Many companies, especially some of the larger corporations, often place this enormous pressure on their drivers to deliver products well beyond their estimated delivery date. This is one reason why truck drivers push the limits; they work too many hours, driving too many miles, all in hopes to meet some impossible deadline. Or, as in the case above, were not given the right training, which clearly did not prepare Elizabeth Q. to anticipate how to handle a situation to avoid accident.

This demonstrates something important: trucks accidents are certainly preventable.

Here are some quick tips to consider for avoiding drowsy driving:

  • Try to get at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep—this will ensure your body is mentally and physically prepared
  • Avoid medications that cause drowsiness
  • Consult with a doctor to determine if you suffer from a possible sleep disorder
  • Sip coffee or tea, and take frequent rest breaks while driving

You can also go the extra step by keeping an eye out for a possible drowsy driver on the road. If you see them swaying, moving into another’s lane, driving over rumble strips, or other erratic driving behaviors, you can report that driver to the police, and hopefully, prevent an accident.

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