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What to Do After an Injury at a Construction Site

What to Do After an Injury at a Construction Site

Perhaps one of the most undeniably dangerous professions, construction work can often create rather hazardous and risky working environments. Construction workers have to deal with these frightening working conditions every day, and risk their lives each time they are on the job. Predictably, construction site injuries occur quite often, and injured workers have rights to compensation following an on-site injury.

Due to the unsafe nature of this job, certain workers’ compensation laws may prevent you from taking serious action, such as the prohibition of filing a lawsuit against your employer or co-workers. However, even if these laws prohibit you filing a claim against your employer, you have several other options if a third party contributed to your accident. Whether you are filing a claim against the construction site owner, general contractors, or sub-contractors, there are few steps to take before pursuing any legal action.

After an accident or injury at a construction site, make sure to do the following:

  • Seek immediate medical attention, and make sure to document your medical visits, doctors’ names, and any treatment or medications you receive.
  • Notify your supervisor of your injury straightaway, and record this information.
  • Record the contact information of any witnesses to your accident or injury.
  • Take pictures to document your injuries, the location your accident took place, as well as the equipment or tools involved.
  • Hold on to as much evidence as possible, including the tools or equipment that caused your accident.

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