Who is Liable for Your Trucking Accident Injury?

Who is Liable for Your Trucking Accident Injury?

Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries, and victims are often faced with an uphill battle to recover the damages they deserve. Truck accidents are notoriously complex compared to auto accidents. Many different parties are involved in a commercial truck accident, but assigning liability to any of them can be difficult. A skilled truck accident attorney can help you fight for your rights and can make building your case easier.

In a truck accident, there often is more than one party responsible for the victim’s injuries. These parties may include:

  • The truck driver
  • The owner of the truck or trailer
  • The company or individual who leased the truck or trailer from the owners
  • The manufacturer of the truck or its components
  • The shipping company or loading crew

Often, truck accidents will involve multiple insurance policies and attorneys who are representing the various parties involved. This can be overwhelming to deal with while you are recovering, but your lawyer can handle your claim and managing the other parties’ requests for information. It also is not uncommon for the different parties to try to blame each other in order to protect themselves. Evidence is necessary to prove your claim, and your attorney will gather the necessary records, photographs, or witness statements to support your story.

Trucking Companies May Try to Avoid Liability

Because of the chances of being responsible for accidents involving their trucks, it is possible that truck companies may take steps to distance themselves from the drivers and owners of the truck involved. Companies may lease the trucks or trailers they use from the owner/operators, and hire drivers as independent contractors through the owner/operators. The company may only own trucking permits, and not any of the necessary equipment. They will provide placards to the leased trucks that bear the company’s name and permit numbers. In the event of an accident, trucking companies could claim that they are not responsible for the driver’s actions, as they were not a company employee, and they were not responsible for the vehicle, not its maintenance, as they only leased the truck.

Federal regulations have been used to put an end to this practice, and enforce that any company owning a trucking permit must be responsible for any accidents involving a truck displaying the company’s information or permit numbers. This requires companies to accept their fair share of the liability in any accidents caused by a driver working for them.

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