Understanding Uber & Lyft Insurance Claims in Virginia

Understanding Uber & Lyft Insurance Claims in Virginia

Uber became legal earlier this year in February, and this begs the question about how to cover the costs should the driver get into an accident. Is the driver covered under his or her own insurance or is Uber on the hook for injuries?

Legislators have already implemented regulations to govern Uber, and the company must comply to continue legally operating in the state.

These regulations include the following:

  • $100, 000 license fee for operating in Virginia
  • All drivers must be licensed drivers and at least 21 years old
  • Drivers will be scrutinized heavily during background check at hiring
  • Drivers must carry at least $1 million in liability insurance

Insurance liability coverage remains a matter to mull over. Who is legally responsible for footing the insurance bill? In 2014, Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles sent a cease and desist letter to disallow companies such as Uber and Lyft from operating until laws were created to fairly govern the vehicles and protect drivers and passengers.

Is There Enough Coverage Provided?

Uber claims the following: “Uber is committed to safely connecting riders and drivers. That means setting strict safety standards and providing end-to-end insurance coverage.” The rideshare company also claims that they carry at least $1 million in commercial liability insurance—meant to supplement the driver’s primary insurance.

Here’s the thing. If a driver is using his or her vehicle to while working for Uber, the driver’s personal auto insurance will not cover any costs incurred on the job, as he or she will be operating under the vehicle for commercial purposes. Secondly, the insurance offered only covers passengers. Any property damage or injury to drivers could be left without any form of insurance—leaving them vulnerable to incurring huge medical expenses and repair costs.

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