Three Foundations Win $2.5 Million to Conduct New Truck Driver Safety Study

Three Foundations Win $2.5 Million to Conduct New Truck Driver Safety Study

Recently, Virginia Tech, SmartDrive, and subcontractors from Washington State University were awarded a $2.5 million contract from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation. With this money, the group will study a flexible hours-of-safety provision, which permits big-rig truck drivers to split their mandatory sleep period into shorter segments.

As of now, commercial truck drivers are required to record no less than 10 hours of consecutive-off-duty hours before driving again. These mandated amounts of off-duty time are designed to prevent fatigued truck drivers from getting behind the wheel.

The Study

To conduct the study, researchers will gather 200 truck drivers who regularly sleep in berths located inside their commercial vehicles. While the truck drivers are behind the wheel, video monitoring systems provided by SmartDrive will record the drivers’ behaviors. In addition, each driver will wear an activity monitor on their wrist, which will provide information about the big-rig’s sleep patterns. The study seeks to provide information on the following:

  • Roadside violations
  • Collisions
  • Driver fatigue

The foundations hope to use this project to prove to the FMCSA that this change may affect the safety and lives of other drivers throughout the nation.

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