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Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Virginia

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Drivers who are struck by commercial vehicles are often hit by a motor vehicle that greatly exceeds their own car in terms of both weight and size. The result can be absolutely devastating, causing extensive injuries and destruction.

People hit by a commercial vehicle, such as a big rig, may suffer:

Any of the aforementioned consequences of a commercial vehicle accident can lead to significant medical bills, rehabilitation fees, lost wages, and much more. In order to help make certain you do not get unfairly stuck with the costs associated with an accident you did not cause, contact The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC and our personal injury lawyers in Alexandria. With more than 30 years of combined legal experience with a focus on injury plaintiff claims, you can trust us to provide the fair and caring advocacy you expect.

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Proving Liability in a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Virginia’s pure contributory negligence law makes it difficult to recover damages from liable parties, as you lose the right to file a claim as soon as you become even 1% liable for a crash. Companies that send commercial vehicles onto the highways are well aware of this tilted scale and will try to use it to their advantage by arguing you did something wrong that led to your own commercial vehicle accident. Our law firm always steps into the courtroom ready to swing and challenge any strategy used by the opposition.

To help prove you were not at all liable for your accident, we can consider:

  • Commercial vehicle driver’s accident record
  • Safety record of company that owned commercial vehicle
  • Electronic onboard recorder data (in trucking accidents)
  • Police statements if commercial driver is arrested

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The sooner you can allow our Alexandria truck accident attorneys to review your case, the sooner we can help you decide the best path to find compensation. We never use a cookie-cutter approach. We use our experience, insight, and abilities to craft customized strategies that work for each client’s situation. Your case is in good hands when you come to The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC.

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Tell Us About Your Injury

It is crucial that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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