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Our cultural background truly sets us apart as a firm with unique client service and solutions. We are fully equipped to handle your immigration needs.

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The United States is a country built on the hard work and determination of immigrants from around the world. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. foreign-born population was about 39,976,000 in 2012, including naturalized U.S. citizens and individuals who are not U.S. citizens.

Although life in America may provide many opportunities to immigrants and residents within the country, obtaining permanent residency or citizenship can pose significant challenges. Even obtaining a temporary visa to visit the U.S. can be challenging. If you are interested in immigrating to the U.S. or changing your current immigrant status, turn to The Barrera Law Firm, PLLC for guidance.

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The immigration process can be complicated and confusing, often requiring filing a petition, assembling documents and forms, interviews, a medical examination, and much more. However, when you hire our firm, you can rest assured in knowing that your case is in the hands of an experienced professional.

We can help you with the following kinds of immigration cases:

  • Asylum
  • SUS (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status)
  • Detention, Bond Negotiation, and Bond Hearings
  • Petitioning for a Visa (H-1, L-1, TN, P-1, O-1, R-1)
  • Applying for a green card
  • Naturalization/Citizenship

We oversee the entire process on your behalf and explore the options that are best for you. We determine what type of visa you should apply for and what paperwork you need. We will also assist you with preparing all paperwork, ensuring there are no mistakes that may jeopardize your application.

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Facing deportation? You are not alone.

In the event that you or a loved one faces deportation, we can help. Deportation can be a frightening event that can change the course of your life and greatly affect your ability to work, provide for your family or be among your loved ones. If you face deportation, we can help protect your rights and may be able to provide you with immigration relief.

If you wish to change your immigration status within the U.S., we can help as well. Undocumented immigrants may have grounds to achieve permanent residency status, and we will explore whether such opportunities exist, given your circumstances. This ultimately may depend on your current circumstances, your manner of entry into the country, and many other factors you should review with your attorney.

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If you're a person hoping to live, work, or travel to the United States, or if you are having trouble with your current immigration status or application process, we are here to help you understand your rights and legal options. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get started working towards an effective resolution for your immigration case.

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Tell Us About Your Case

It is crucial that you contact an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible.

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